Lindsay Marcus
A little about me…

A little about me…

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.

Nelson Mandela

Over the past few months of intense brainstorming, I have shifted my extensive career to Interior Design. After 15 years in the design field, I’ve come to realize that Interior Design excites me more than ever; as it merges my passion for aesthetics with functionality and offers new creative avenues to explore. To prepare for this transition, I’m educating myself and exploring my interests in Interior Design, updating my portfolio to showcase relevant skills, and leveraging my professional network for mentorship and potential job opportunities. Currently, I am taking an Intro to Interior Design class at San Diego Mesa College to study the fundamentals of the industry. I’m seeking hands-on experience through internships, freelancing, and part/full-time positions to further solidify my commitment to this career shift. Despite recognizing the challenges and hurdles I may encounter, my dedication and unique strengths fuel my journey toward a fulfilling career in Interior Design.

Feel free to reach out for consultations, advice, tips, or anything related to Interior Design—I’m here to help! I look forward to hearing from you.